Dear Miss Emily:

I like this boy, and he is like so awesome for me, but ALL of my friends say he’s ugly, stupid, or a loser! Also, I think my ex is jealous. Should I ask if he wants to go out with me or not? Since my friends don't like him, should I just ignore that fact?  Help!
Ready to make a move

---------------------------Miss Emily’s advice------------------------

Dear Ready:

Did you ever think that while your friends are insulting this guy behind his back, that they are putting you down as well?  Think about it – they say he’s creepy but you like him.  So does that mean they think you are stupid and have no taste?  I'm sure that's not the case, but it might be fun to put that question to them. What they seem to ignore is the fact that we are all different and, therefore, have different tastes.  Pursue this guy if you want, and tell your friends to keep their comments to themselves.  It’s childish and hurtful.  Hey, I know girls can be mean and gossipy (I lived it), but you can’t let these "so-called" friends dictate your life.  Put a stop to it, now.  People, no matter what age, admire those who stick up for themselves and are not easily manipulated. Show that you have the courage to make your own decisions despite their foolish objections. You will then be free to go after a guy that is probably really cool, and deserves your attention.