Dear Miss Emily:

Hi, I am a staff reporter for my high school newspaper in Massillon, Ohio. This month our issue is about MySpace and Facebook (effects on people, pros and cons, etc.).  I am writing about the good things that can come from My Space and I wanted to go in depth by finding some story where a person found a lost relative through MySpace, because I think that is a good outcome from My Space. I googled "who found a lost relative" and your page came up, with the "Reaching Out" person.  If there is any way I can contact her?  If you can give me any information, it would be greatly appreciated! Or tell me something else that can be helpful to my paper. Thank you.  Have a great day!
Staff Reporter

----------------------------Miss Emily’s advice--------------------------

Dear Staff Reporter:

I can’t help you as far as reaching this individual, because all of my contacts are confidential.  Not being a member of MySpace, et al, I am not too familiar with its networking.  I do know, however, that just like the entire Internet, advertising, be it product or sex, permeates almost every bit of information we seek. What may be good about MySpace, is that it keeps our species connected.  And although somewhat isolating, meaning that it is done through a computer, it allows us to be creative, and creativity expands the mind.  On the downside, it attracts devious types who prey on unsuspecting, innocent people. I would explore the psychological need for humans to create ways to communicate.  I would also seek the answers to why we reach out to strangers, fully aware that hurt, rejection and a sense of failure is often the result.  Good luck!