Dear Miss Emily:

I have been seeing this women for 1 year.  We are very intimate and although we only see each other 1 time a week (because of our busy schedules), we always email each other. Yesterday, she wrote me that she had family problems and needed to talk with me.  We were scheduled to see each other today, anyway, but last night she found out her 19 year old daughter was pregnant and, also, when she had a pap smear there were some abnormalities in her daughters cells.  Now, she said, after seeing me today and giving me my Christmas gifts, she couldn't take hers from me, and she would not be online for a few days because she is so worried about her daughter.  I asked her if we were ok.  I wonder  if I am just paranoid or should I really worry?
Left dangling

------------------------------Miss Emily’s advice---------------------------

Dear Left:

I would say, no, there’s no problem in your relationship if it weren’t for two things: She didn’t accept your Christmas gifts, and she will not be e-mailing you because she is worried about her daughter.  I have some questions.  Where does her daughter live?  Is it close enough where she will be holding her hand during this difficult time?  If so, I can understand why she would not be e-mailing you, but do neither of you have a cell phone?  As far as not accepting your gifts, that seems odd.  Why not?  Not her color or size?  I believe that she’s going through a difficult time, but I think she might be reexamining her relationship with you, as well, and sees this as a way to cool it .  I don’t know what she said to you when you asked her if everything is okay between the two of you, but I’m assuming she said yes.  My guess is that’s not the case.  I could be wrong, but I tend to agree with you.  Something may very well be rotten in Denmark!