Dear Miss Emily:

What can I do with my disrespectful teenage daughter?
Parent Trapped

---------------------------Miss Emily’s advice-------------------------

Dear Parent:

It depends on the degree of disrespect.  If it’s not brutal, but never-the-less challenging, patience, understanding, and heart-to-heart talks can work wonders.  Know that many factors come into play:  Hormones are at a fever-pitch and toy mercilessly with a teenager’s moods.  A teenager faces this with a growing intellect that tells them, somehow, they know more than the parents.  Don’t fly off the handle and put yourself on the same level as your daughter.  Give her some space to figure out some of her problems; offering guidance, but do not be judgmental.  Set boundaries, but don’t make them come from your insecurities; that is to say, be rational and fair.  Never lie to her to get your way. Rebellion is a normal process of growing up, but if it gets out of hand, you must seek professional help.  And finally, make her a part of your life.  Include her in outings that enrich her life and yours.