Hi Miss Emily,

I'm a divorced woman with a kid.. I met a divorced man.. he was wonderful.. I asked him to be friends until we know each other well, but it seemed that he wanted more.. I was scared to lose him, I liked him a lot. He disappeared for a week, and when he started to call me again he asked me for more than a friendship.. I agreed and we had sex.  I noticed that he liked it a lot, but then he disappeared without giving any reason. I sent him message to ask him if he still wants contact with me, but he didn't answer. I didn't call or text again, but I'm still waiting and wondering why he acted like that. Can you shed some light on this situation?

------------------------------Miss Emily's advice------------------------

Unless he's too sick to use his fingers to text, or was in some kind of dreadful accident, I think this guy just doesn't seem all that interested in you, period. And even if he were, his inaction in not calling you is not only hurtful, but grossly inconsiderate. Be careful with this guy if he does contact you, again. I don't like his style, nor should you. You deserve better than this kind of treatment and neglect, and if you don't see that, you're in for more of the same.