I'm female and i know im only 15, about to be 16, but i really do love my boyfriend -- but lately the relationship is going down hill. He told me he didn't care where i go or with whom, and i like it when he cares. Oh, and he has pictures of this girl he said he used to have feelings for on his phone, and his Myspace.  I don't know if he would care but it's breaking my heart because he has been kinda mean lately -- like last Friday, we was supposed to go out to eat and he called and said he was sick. Then i pass him down the road, and he told me he just wanted to be alone. I just dont know what to do. Please help.

-------------------------------------------Miss Emily's advice--------------------------------------

I don't like liars, nor should you. No one's perfect, but this guy is obviously showing you he really doesn't care all that much for you -- yet you're holding on because you refuse to believe it. The lack of respect he shows for you is a reflection of the lack of respect you have for yourself. Either demand respect, or put up with his lousy treatment of you. If you do, however, you're more to blame than he is if you hang in to the bitter end. If it were me, I'd break up with him. I doubt he'd object all that much.