Miss Emily,

For a while I've been secretly in love with a man that recently got engaged... we met out of the blue in the beginning of January and never knew each others  names. I thought about him, constantly, and was slowly getting him out of my mind until I saw him at certain location when I was at work (because I take my clients there)... He was with a girl so I was unsure to approach him. I saw him again next weekend and he kept glancing at me and smiling. I figured, "y not?" So I approached him and greeted myself... he said "aren't you the girl from the (the place I work)?" Why would he remember me after 3 months? We talked a little and that girl wasn't nearby him at the time and I asked if that was his girlfriend, he said no, his fiancee. The next day, I got a message from someone on Facebook saying they hope to see me next Saturday, so I assumed it was him. It was his best friend's Facebook because he doesn't have one. His best friend gave him my phone number and we ended up talking. We ended up meeting one night, and I knew he was engaged then but, not when these feelings started to accumulate.We went to a park at night around 1am and stayed there for a few hours in my car. We just sat there and enjoyed each others company. We ended up holding each other for about 2 hours. I don't know what it was. It was very difficult for me to make sure we didn't cross the line anymore. He's going to be married this August and he says he knows he's marrying the right girl yet he keeps saying he can't stop thinking about me and he has feelings. What should I do? I feel so sick and depressed and it sucks because I'm in school studying psychology. I know what I should do, I've just never experienced this before -- been in love with someone taken. Even if he was to be with me, could I trust him? And also, I don't want to be that girl,. so if there's any way you can give me advice on ways of forgetting him, moving on... or simply reassure that I'm wrong in my love. I can't help the way I am, but I can help the way I act. Thanks.

--------------------------------Miss Emily's advice----------------------------

I feel for you, but I feel even more sorry for his fiancee. Personally, I find it a bit ludicrous that, with as little correspondence as you and he have had, you'd be clinging to each other in a car for two hours like star-crossed lovers. I don't blame you -- you were driven by your feelings for him, but when a guy tells you he thinks he's marrying the right girl, yet says he has feelings for you, I find his behavior offensive. He isn't trustworthy, and that means you can't trust him with your heart. End it. If he wants you see you down the road, it should be when he decided he's not marrying the right girl and wants to see you openly. Otherwise, you're playing a fool's game and the small tear in your heart will become larger by each day you carry on with him.