Dear Miss Emily:

I have this ex girlfriend I was with for 8 months that I broke up with Nov 1st 2009. Why I broke up with her is because she grew really distant. But we keep talking after the break up and finally in early Dec 2009, she explained why she had been so distant which was because of work and her 6yr daughter. Well she stopped texting me the day after Christmas,. even though I texted her day after day until Jan 14, 2010 with no response. That day I sent her an email telling her I was moving on. Well Valentine's day comes along and she starts texting me again. So we started texting back and forth again, but for the last two to three weeks she's rarely been texting me, once again. I'm confused and so in love with her. I asked her does she think about us getting back together. and she says she thinks about it a lot. If i call her, she wont pick up or return my calls. Well, she started doing that ever since we broke up actually. What my question is, is she playing a game with me, and what do you think I should do?

--------------------------------Miss Emily's advice--------------------------

No, I don't think it's a game she's playing. I'm sure she still does have feelings for you and she, obviously, knows you have feelings for her. She told you the reasons why she was distant, and I don't think that appears to have changed. Moving on would be a good idea, because if you do find someone who makes you happy, and this ex were to want to rekindle the relationship, you can safely say, "I've got a good thing going, now, and I don't want to lose it."  If you were available, by chance, maybe then -- but don't hold your breath for something that may never happen.