Dear Miss Emily,

This weekend will be me and my boyfriend's 6 month anniversary .. and that means a lot to me. He means a lot to me. I must admit when we first started dating, I figured we would last maybe two weeks, he isn't the type I'd go for, or even let my friends date. But when we were little we grew up playing together so it seemed weird to run into him now that were in high school and I figured I would go for it. . He's almost two years older then me, and he's nothing like me at all. but most days we're great.  He's really is a nice guy, or I think so. well he can be..but, in everyone else's eyes, he treats me horribly. He's cheated on me once, that I know of. but think it doesn't matters because he was "drunk and doesn't remember it" He'll blow me off to party.. more then once a week.. and not just with guys, he stays at other girl's houses so he doesn't have to ride home drunk -- but in my opinion he just shouldn't go if he's planning on staying. He'll say he's messed around with other girls, and tell me they're prettier than me, then say "im just kidding" after he sees me get upset. Other girls text him constantly, but if I even talk to a guy, he goes on a rampage. I have no guy friends left, I had to delete their numbers... and to make things worse, he'll look at me and tell me partying is more important if I ask him which means more, partying or me.. then, if I ask how he can say that.. he'll say its because "I need to stop being so immature and grow up." or things like 6 month anniversaries dont matter in high school. I cried because he is going to go to a party instead of spending time with me on that day.. when he knows I've been looking forward to this for 3 months, and he made a scene in front of everyone and called me a "fucking idiot."Then, after apologizing and saying he loves me, he continues to say " I dont know if I wanna date." All my friends tell me to get rid of him, but it's not that easy... he took my virginity, and I really do care about him but I dont think I deserve to be treated like that. And everything is always my fault! One day, it's I love you more then anything.. and the next it's "I dont care what you want"  if I try to talk to him about it, or I get some retarded answer. But then, sometimes he's amaizing to me, and so sweet and, when were together.. we really are perfect..
But, I don't know how to fix this -- it's like he loves me for a week, but if a party comes along , I'm second choice, and he won't even text me once while he's there. I'm always worried about what he's doing.  What should i say to him? or should i even bother?

----------------------------------Miss Emily's advice--------------------------

 This guy's trouble, and he's dragging you into it -- and you're letting him. I don't care what age you are, this kind of abusive (and yes, it's abusive) behavior is is attempt to control you. Don't you ever stop and think, "I deserve better than this?" Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror and say "What is it about you that allows you to be treated like dirt?" Now, I get it (although I hate it) girls, even today, will put themselves in the role of second-class-citizens when it comes to guys. Yet I also know that some girls have enough self-esteem to never allow themselves to be treated disrespectfully, and don't allow themselves to turn into needy, insecure girlfriends. That said, what we accept in life is often dictated to us by past experience. Perhaps you see little respect in your family, or he is used to seeing his mother treated poorly, or has "mommy" issues. I only go this deep because, from what you have told me, his treatment of you, and you allowing it, goes further than you not being able to figure out why he can be such a creep, at times. But my advice for now:  Let this guy go --  then figure out why it is that you'd allow someone to treat you in this shabby manner. I don't care if he can be sweet at times. That can be said about almost anyone. And losing your virginity to him? Well, it is a fact, every male and female has "a first." It's up to you -- but putting up with him will be more your fault, than his, if you continue this relationship.