Dear Miss Emily:

Hello, I'm 21, male, and at university and live in the UK. My girlfriend is 20 and lives in the USA. It's been in a long distance relationship for 9 months now.  2 weeks ago we broke up due to her not wanting to be in a relationship anymore and wanting time for herself, so we agreed to be friends. After two days of that we got back with each other. Well, the weekend just gone, she broke up with me again, due to how she felt the first time.  But this time she told me that all the pictures i've ever seen of her weren't actualy her. It was her best friend. I've come to love her as a person, as well as the person i thought i was speaking to.
What should i do? By the way, i asked her and she does still love me but my mind is kinda clouded.

---------------------------------Miss Emily's advice---------------------------

You've never seen her, been with her in person, but you call her your girlfriend? This is something I have to wrap my brain around, because I get this type of e-mail all the time. I find it so hard to take in, because the sheer deception that can go on is reason for doubting this type of approach to a relationship  -- as you just found out. Did you plan to meet her sometime in the near future? What was her explanation for sending pictures of her girlfriend rather than of herself? She must be terribly insecure about her looks. Whatever the real reason for the break-up (and we can't know for sure), I tend to think this relationship is a wash -- at least for now. She deceived you, and that leads me to believe she's lying about other things. There are six-billion+ people on the planet (and anyone who reads my column knows I've said that ad nauseam),  surely you can seek out a girl, locally, who can give you all the attention and love you deserve without having to play International gambling.  It's nice to have someone around whom you can see, feel and touch.