I've been going out with my boyfriend for about a week, and he smokes pot. He told me the he was going to quit for me, and now he is asking me to take "hits"meaning he wants me to smoke with him. Nut I'm not into that and he doesn't seem that he wants to quit any time soon,. Should I break up with him or should I give him time?

---------------------------------Miss Emily's advice-------------------------

Wow, if all my letters were this easy I'd spend less time on my computer pounding out sage advice. Yes, of course, don't continue to go out with him. You know what you want, and it's not being with a pot smoking guy who makes false promises. Now you know he wants you to do things his way. You're in charge of your life (you have every right to be), and that's what powerful ladies do! There's an opening for you on the "I do it my way" list if you have the guts to go after what you want, and don't settle for less.