Hi Emily,

Thank you for your time. I am a happily married 34 year old. I have a 3 year old and am currently pregnant with my second. My husband is my best friend, he treats me great etc.... I never thought that I would find an e-mail he had sent to an old friend of his who happens to be a girl. The e-mail was in Facebook and told her "I love your profile picture, you have a pretty smile" Now I know this isn't cheating but it hurts my feelings that he did this behind my back. what made him do this? He use to have a lot of friends that were girls and always been kind of a charmer, but I am just hurt he felt the need to send this e-mail. He has apologized so many times and said he didn't mean it in a flirting way. He said she was having tough times and he was trying to make her smile. He said he never meant to hurt me, should I let it go?

---------------------------Miss Emily's advice------------------------

No, he didn't mean to hurt you -- he didn't think you'd see the e-mail. But now that it's out in the open, and he's repentant, I think you need to let it go or it will eat at you, and stress is not good on a pregnancy. The Internet has opened up a way to communication that was once unimaginable. There is much temptation, as a result.  I'm sure you told him he needs to show restraint in this area because it can open up a Pandora's Box -- and you are positive he doesn't want to risk losing his beautiful family. Tell him if, at any time, he feels things aren't "right" with you and him, he needs to let you know so it can be faced, head-on. Marriage will have its ups and downs, but honesty is the cornerstone of any good union -- and if you don't have that, you don't have much of anything. You and I will chalk this up to a  possible error in judgment, but we won't do it a second time. Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy!