Dear Emily, I'm hoping you can help me out as I'm desperate for some kind of advice, my close friends aren't really that much help right now. I'm a 22 year old girl. And I've recently fallen in love for the past year with a guy I work with. Nothing has happened between us, but we do get together a lot and are close, and at times, flirty. He has had about 2 girlfriends in the past year. He's currently in a relationship now, has been since the summer. Anyhow, a few nights ago, I had him and my other friend over and I got extremely wasted. I mean to the point where I don't remember anything. I confessed my feelings for him to my friend, who informed me that the guy I love already knows and has known for a while too. And my friend said that I should just get over it, because it will just never happen and that he loves me too much, which confuses me now that I think about it. Also, I have some memory while bring drunk of hugging and touching the guy I like a lot. I'm completly ashamed and embarrassed, and feel stupid as hell. I havent spoken to him since that night and I have to see him Satuday at work. I'm dreading it, and I have this awful feeling in my stomach and I can't stop thinking about him and everything. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

------------------------------Miss Emily's advice-------------------------

I have no idea what your friend meant when she said, "Get over it. It will never happen, because he loves you too much." Did you ask her to explain that comment? I think you should if you haven't already. It's completely contradictory. When you go to work on Saturday, I feel you have no other choice but to face the music, and apologize for your behavior when he was at your home and, then, let it go. You wouldn't be the first person who went through this experience, and you won't be the last. Alcohol has a way of dissolving those filters we have that keep our feelings in check. If it's true he already sensed how you feel about him prior to this event, maybe it's better you confirmed it. Now there is no need to bury your frustration, and it opens the door for something in the future. If he's a good guy, he'll tell you it's no big deal, and you can still maintain a friendship with him. Again, all you did was confirm you like him, and there's no shame in that. Hold your head high, stay calm, cool and collected, and go on with your life and forget about this silly event.