So I've had conversations with my boyfriend about how I feel about saying "I love you." its something I only want to say to one person that I'm truly in love with and want to marry that second and spend the rest of my life with, which at 20 I'm not ready for.I really do like him more than anyone I've dated but I've told him this and he still says "I love you" all the time to me and at the end of our conversations on the phone and it just puts me in an awkward position because I feel horrible not saying it, but when I do I'm not being truthful and just saying it because he did. I've had multiple conversations with him about how it makes me uncomfortable since I cant say it back 100% but its possible later in our future I will feel that way. He says "I understand why you don't want to, its okay if you don't say it I just want to still tell you how I feel" so am I just being stubborn not letting him express his feelings because I cant? Please help! I feel like its pulling me further away from the L word rather than closer but I really do care about him and hope to feel that serious about him one day.

--------------------------Miss Emily's advice-------------------------

This is a sticky situation, and I feel for both of you. You make the word love, in this case, so special, no one dare speak its name unless one can stake his or her life on its meaning being "forever."  For him, he has loving feelings for you and wants to express those feelings. If it's hard for him to not say it, and you feel awkward about it, I think you should cut him loose. He doesn't need to feel like he's committing some crime when he utters the "L" word, and you don't want to feel repelled when you hear it.  Remember, however, that loving someone does not necessarily mean a walk down the isle, and it's a word used to describe caring for another individual. The actions that a person takes in the name of it, hold more value.