My fiance watches videos of mostly naked girls shaking their stuff every time I'm not home. It's not really porn, but youtube videos. I take care of him sexually very well. He tells me all the time. But why does he sneak watch these videos of girls and will it lead to cheating? If he is watching videos of girls doing slutty dancing then he's always looking at them in person. Is that okay? And is it okay for him to fantasize about sex with other women? I'm female 29 years old

-------------------------------Miss Emily's advice----------------------------

I think it depends on the degree of his interest. If he seems obsessed with watching naked women, I see red flags. Most men have a healthy sexual appetite, and now that the Internet offers 24/7 access to seeing anything imaginable, it is a strong temptation to look. But you know, in your heart, if this behavior is upsetting to the degree that it will interfere with a successful marriage. Again, there's no harm in him looking, or having fantasies, that's pretty normal, but if it's a part of his daily life and you end up taking a back seat to it, I'd postpone any plans to marry until you are reassured he has this under control. Will it lead to cheating? Not necessarily. Looking, and acting on it can be two different things.