Dear Miss Emily:

 It is Easter, and I have done all the things for my family like making them baskets and cooking Easter breakfast, and dinner.  I did not even get a card, lily or hug and I am feeling totally taken for granted and unloved by my kids and husband. Is this a common complaint you get or am I being a cry baby?

------------------------------Miss Emily's advice------------------------

No you're not. But I know from my own experience, if you do it all, others are going to let you. Moms often set a precedent in these matters, it's a big mistake, and that's how they go unnoticed. Next time, ask for help and see how it goes. If the words won't leave your mouth, or you think the family will look at you like you grew a second head, lesson your load by simplifying your duties. You can make it a nice day if you include yourself in the fun, and don't overdo by setting the stage to be treated like Hazel the maid. Sure, it would be great if your family looked at you and said, "You know, you do so much for us, what can we do for you?" In your dreams. People who get what they want aren't afraid to ask for it, and usually get it. Those who sit back and ask for nothing in return, open the flood gates for future disappointment.