I  bought an LG gas dryer, model DLG1320W. I ordered it from U S Appliance on Feb. 2, '10. Approximately 10 days later it was delivered. The gas heat element went out after 3 days. U S Appliance passed me on to the LG customer service division, in India. A local LG serviceman ordered the part and it was fixed 10 days later -- only to find out the motherboard also needed replacing because the sensor was faulty -- but he said it could be used without the sensor. One load later, the gas heat element went out, again. The motherboard is supposed to fix this problem. It's been ordered. I bought the dryer for $600 on Feb. 2, and now it's over two months later and no workable dryer, yet. Another consumer on the Internet warned of these problems with the LG gas dryer -- this model. Before buying anything, check the Internet for consumer complaints. This is one time I didn't, and I am sorry now!