Okay, well i met this guy and he seemed great, he was always with me, texting me and stuff.. We started kinda dating, but it wasn't official yet -- but we would still kiss in school. Well he shares a locker with another girl who he used to like and totally ignored me -- didn't say hi or anything, just basically walked away. He said that he didn't see me or anything, but i think he did. So anyway, he was supposed to hang out with me in town and he told me that he ditched 8 people to hang out with me,  then ditched me to go to the mall.. So then he broke up with me, and later on texted me asking what I'm doing. I asked him why he even cares and he's like cuz i wanna still be friends. When i was in town, i met his ex girlfriend who is dating his ex-best friend. Well he told me that he was born in on city, and moved here and then he  told someone else he was born in another state -- but his mom told her that he was born here! Everyone says that he lies about everything. He told me that he wanted to break up cuz he has a lot going on right now. I reallly like him but i dont know if i should be friends with him or not. When i was with him he would always hug girls around me, yet said that he couldn't trust me when i didnt do half that stuff..Everyone hates him in my school and he didnt treat me too lovely either. In the beginning he treated me like a princess, but when we got like a week into it, he started yellling about everything and he would always say that i couldnt do something -- but he could. His ex says that i wont regret not being with him, but i do miss him. My friends hate him and say he's dirty and ugly, that he doesnt seem right. My mom and sister-in-law think so too. Should i just stop talking to him all together, or should i actually be friends with him? I don't know if I want to be friends with a liar.

---------------------------------Miss Emily's advice---------------------------

There's an old saying "When one person tells you you're being an ass, you can ignore it. When two or more people tell you, go buy the saddle." Get it? Too many people have told you this guy is a  jerk, and you're reticent to believe it. Don't be an ass, and listen to them. I don't think they have any other motivation for saying this other than their own observations. He's a liar, he spreads himself thin, he's untrustworthy -- so what's to like? I know, sometimes you can't explain attraction, and why people gravitate to each other. It's a personal thing.  But he seems like a troubled young man who knows and understands little about himself, let alone being able to understand anyone else. I'd let him go and seek greener pasture. Staying friends with him is iffy, because even in friendship you want honesty and dependability. Neither of those virtues exist in him.