Dear Miss Emily:

Okay, the last few days before school went on break, my girlfriend is acting really annoying because I'm going out of town and singing at venues. She keeps saying I'll be messing with girls and I'm going to forget about her. I don't get it.  I haven't showed any signs of cheating, nor have I, and she won't let it go. Should I just break up with her? We're in high school.

---------------------------------------------------Miss Emily's advice---------------------------------------

Break up with her
only when you have, once again (and be firm), reassured her that you are faithful -- and yet she continues to make you feel guilty for something that hasn't happened. The threat to her over you meeting other girls at these singing venues, and cheating, is stronger than her ability to trust you. It's sad, because the very thing she fears, may happen -- because she has frequently nagged you about it, she makes herself less attractive to you as a result and, therefore, you will want to find someone else! Jealousy is a prime reason for making good relationships bad, and end when one party can no longer live with the constant frustration it causes. Again, be firm, and don't allow her to make you responsible for her insecurities.