Dear Miss Emily

A man I have been e-mailing on the Internet for 4 months has asked me to send him $7,000 saying he is in jail in the UK. I am really hurt he would do that to me. I told him NO. Now he is out of the U K and wanting me to buy him a flight ticket to fly back to Texas. I keep having a bad feeling something is not right with him. I feel in love with him over the Internet and we have never met. Can you give me advice. I looked up the price of the flight and it is over $1000. Thank You,

-------------------------Miss Emily's advice----------------------

Glad you have the good sense to see red flags!!!! This guy is using you. I don't know what kind of scam this is -- and there are many on the Internet seeking to steal money from innocent people the scam artist never intends to meet. Or he's using you, in that he will come see you and continue to take more money from you -- and/or possibly want legal status through marriage. DO NOT SEND THIS MAN ANY MONEY, OR A TICKET, AND HAVE NO MORE CORRESPONDENCE WITH HIM.  Do not believe anything he tells you.  I hope you avoid this kind of trap in the future. Anyone who asks for money from you, doesn't know you, and tells a story like he has, is a scammer preying on a sweet, caring individual -- like yourself. Write back to me if you have anymore problems with him. I care.