Dear Miss Emily:

I  am seeing this guy, he gives me what i need as far as money and sex. He does have a reputation for being a woman chaser. When we first started i wanted everything to be hush hush, but now i have feelings for him and i can't say or act how i want because how it all started. I don't talk with any other men but i know he talks to plenty of women and now it bothers me. I know i sound stupid, i let it happen and now i want to change the rules of the game. What should i do just break it off completely, or give him and ultimatum?

----------------------------Miss Emily's advice-----------------------------

Yes, I think you should tell him what you want, that your feelings have changed. But be prepared for him to say he's not up for the task. You got involved with him on certain terms, and he probably wants to keep it that way. But you'll only feel bitter, resentful and used if you keep the status quo, and that's not healthy for your well-being. If you want better for yourself, it's up to you to seek it out. I know there are perks in this relationship -- the money tops the list (you can get sex anywhere), but it doesn't seem to be be the thing you really want, right now -- and that's a feeling of being wanted for the great person you are, and not some sex machine with a great ass. It's your right to want to change the rules of this game, but be prepared to end up playing solitaire.