I've been with my boyfriend for 3months, and last night he asked me if I was in love with him, or lust, and after we spoke about it, I think I'm in lust -- but he's amazing and I can't imagine not being with him? I think I do love him but, after that, then, I'm not sure. I don't want too break up with him though. Should I stay with him and see what happens please help. xx

------------------------------Miss Emily's advice------------------------------ 

I think the first three months, usually, is lust. It takes time to really get to know someone. Love is something that grows with time. Yes, stay with him and see where it takes you. And if he asks this question, again, say, "Three months is too soon for either one of us to know for sure." If he gets angry with your reply, he's not interested in the truth, but a lie to feed a need he has...and that would be a red flag.