Dear Miss Emily:

My boyfriend, 25, and I, 18, have only been together for two months, but I would be more than happy to settle down with him and he knows this. Recently I happened to stumble upon a whole file of pictures my boyfriend has of his ex on his computer.  When I brought it up to him, he said that he had them because he had been with her for a long time and then single for a while. He also said he kept them in case this didn't work out he didn't want to be stranded with just what was online. He said he will delete the pictures and that I shouldn't worry about it --  but I do. I can't help but thinking if I hadn't of seen them he would still have them, and wouldn't be deleting them at all. Should I tell him to act like I didn't see them and let him keep them? Or should I make him delete them? And what if he has back-ups just in case? I'm so confused and hurt and a little paranoid. What should I do?

--------------------------------Miss Emily's advice--------------------------

It's hard to believe that when you break up with someone you'd want to keep pictures of her (him) on your computer. Of course, that's only my opinion because my past break-ups left me pretty much not wanting to ever see that person again! He had some good memories, it would seem, and I don't think deleting these pictures would keep him from having any good thoughts about her. You've only been together two months, and it's a little early to dictate how he should handle old pictures of a past girlfriend that you happened to "stumble" upon. There's any number of ways he can keep them if he wants, and you not wanting him to do it may be futile. In time, when your relationships grows, and you and he create memories of your own, I would think these pictures will have less importance and deleting them would be more than a possibility. But these are also memories of his life, and if he wants to keep them it should not be a threat if you are a secure, self-confident woman who only asks for trust in the relationship, because that is the cornerstone of any quality union.