Dear Miss Emily:

A while ago I got involved in a relationship with a guy. We loved each other and everything was perfect. One day he just stopped texting back out of the blue and now whenever we see each other it's awkward. I don't want to seem like I'm hung up on him or anything but every time i see him those feelings just come back. Now we are in the same class in high school, again, and it's weird because I see him everyday.

------------------------------------Miss Emily's advice-----------------------------

Teenage boys! Aren't they something? Of course it's totally gutless to break it off with you this way, but it happens all the time. I know, because I get so many letters regarding this issue. It's hard to know what happened -- whether he suddenly became interested in someone else, or he felt he got in too deep. If you were sexually involved with him, he may have decided he didn't want you to think it was "real" love, meaning more than "I love you" when you're in a romantic situation -- something serious that required real commitment.  Is it possible to approach him and ask him what happened? I think he deserves to feel awkward and be put on the spot. But if you can't do this, as painful and confusing as it is, chalk it up to learning that some people are just plain rude and selfish --  and he's no exception. Next relationship, take it more slowly and get to know the person and see if he has integrity before you give your heart away.