Dear Miss Emily:

Well, there is this guy I like –  he is an atheist and I’m a catholic.  We get along really well. It even seemed at times he was flirting with me.  I told him I like him through a note, and I have not heard anything back from him. He has not talked to me. All he does is look at me and then look away.  Should I ask  him if he is okay with that? If he would possibly go out with me?  Is he waiting for me to talk to him first?  If u could help that would be great.
Wondering what to do

---------------------------Miss Emily’s advice--------------------------

Dear Wondering:

Since you wrote that you are catholic and he is an atheist, that must be an important issue with you.  That’s why you would have to, first, decide whether this was okay with you if a relationship were even an option.  Nothing can be more divisive than having a relationship with someone who has completely different religious (or political) beliefs when they have strong opinions in these areas (Iraq would be a good example!).  You have given him a note telling him you like him, and he responds by not talking to you, and offering only an occasional glance?  I will grant you that some people are painfully shy when it comes to romance and, when told they are liked, don’t know how to handle it and, consequently, turn off all communication.  Most people grow out of this shyness.  If not, it can create life-long emotional damage.  I don’t know  why he’s ignoring you, but he is, and that’s odd. Otherwise, he would say, “Let’s just be friends.”  I would let it go, if I were you.  But if you are compelled to find an answer, and have the courage to do so, approach him and say this:  “You know that note I gave to you?  Don’t worry, I got the message.  You can relax now.”  Walk away with a casual smile.  Any future communication would have to come from him.