Dear Ms Emily,

I was with this guy for almost 3yrs and we parted. We began in 06 and ended in 09' But now he wants to be back in my life and regrets everything. I'm not sure because the reason we broke up was because he was 'in love' with his best friend. But when he was with her, he would try still be with me. Now he has officially broken up with her, but I don't know if it would the same thing. I love him, yes, but I think I'm in love with someone else. But this boy really doesn't do anything. He doesn't work -- just loves smoking his guanja all day long but, yet, he's still is the sweetest person ever. He doesn't want me to leave him, but I just can't take that he has to depend on me for things like I'm his mother. So I'm lost and I'm stuck in between too... What is the best thing to do? Next month my ex wants me to meet him for the weekend trip because we are 2 days apart from our birth dates. I'm lost and stressed!

---------------------------------Miss Emily's advice--------------------------

Although I am one who pretty much believes that it's almost impossible to recapture what two people once had, once they have broken up, I think you may need to revisit this just to find a solution to your indecision on this matter. Your present boyfriend, although sweet, seems to be a bit of a dud if all he does is smoke, has no job and depends on you being a surrogate mother. These are all red flags, and he'd probably make a better brother than a boyfriend. In short, a successful, long-term relationship with him is shaky, at best. But if you're really curious about what can, or can't happen with your ex, meet him and see how things play out. Don't put yourself in a position of weakness, however. Be a strong woman, who isn't going to go down an old familiar road that will lead to nowhere if he hasn't proved he's truly genuine about his feelings for you -- and is willing to take the time you'd need to repair any past damage. I think it's possible that you need a break from both these guys, and move forward to something better. But, again, the trip with the ex is tempting, and it could clear up some confusion in a very short period of time.