Dear Miss Emily:

I met this guy named Mark through a friend who's name is Oliver. In the beginning I assumed Mark was gay since we met at a gay club that me and Oliver were at. Well after me Oliver, and Mark hung out together for a couple of weeks Mark invites me and Oliver over to his house for drinks. Me and Mark start talking and get closer and soon enough(and I don't know how) we end up sleeping together.(Oliver left as soon as we started to kiss). The first time was awkward but after a while we more frequently  started to have sex. Were up to our 10th time  making love and I feel like its starting to become complicated (if it wasn't already) So Mark tells me that one day in the future he wants to settle down with a female and get married. He loves men but not completely...he likes women but not completely...hes bisexual I guess...but not completely. I am the first girl he has ever had sex with and we both REALLY enjoy having sex, I mean, he obviously enjoy the female body but he is so turned on by men. He and I are completely confused by his sexual orientation. He hasn't really chosen a side....but the problem is...I sometimes feel the beginning of falling in love with him. And I think he might have feelings for me. I DO NOT wanna commit my heart to a person who is unsure of their sexual orientation. should I end this thing now or just forget about it? I could use some advice.

------------------------------Miss Emily's advice------------------------------

Since he's confused, that means his mind is subject to change -- especially if the right guy comes around. If commitment (settling down) is what you want, this guy would not be a good choice. Many gay guys marry and have children (as you are well aware, I'm sure) only to find that choice proved unsatisfactory. Proceed with caution.