Hi emily: I'm only 13 but am on the first boyfriend. The problm is though, I don't like him and didn't want to go out with him in the beginning. But these girls (im new at this school) told me he really wanted a girlfriend and he had been crying a lot. So I felt bad for him, but in a way they forced me into it. I'm afraid of the breakup because, if i do, I don't want to be known as a spoiled brat because I don't like him because of what he looks like (that's why though :( ). I also am a shy person, and if i do break up with him and be single again, then the girls treat me different --like im not even there. But with a boyfriend i don't even like, they treat me like im popular. HELP? --------------------------------------------------Miss Emily's Advice------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bottom line: You do this boy no favors by being with him when you don't like him. I don't care how pathetic he is, if he were to know the truth about this, he would tell you "Thanks, but I don't want your charity." As well, look what it's doing to you! Life is hard sometimes, but this makes it harder, unnecessarily. I think thirteen is a good time to start realizing that you don't let other people dictate how you lead your life. If popularity is dependent on having a boyfriend you don't like, I'd rather be unpopular and have the freedom to be who I am. I think self-confidence is the thing you need, and not some false attachment to another person. Self-confidence comes from knowing who you are, and what you want out of life. No one controls your environment, but you -- with apologies to none! Believe in yourself, be honest, but be kind. I know it takes guts to let others know how you feel, but now is the time to test your courage. Tell the boy he's done nothing wrong, but you don't want to be in a relationship right now, period. Be firm about it. For whatever reason he was crying, despite the sadness around it, he's not your responsibility. The teenage years are tough. It's a time when you'll see the most shallow behavior from your classmates. Situations can be stressful, and emotions run high. Everyone is learning their way, and friendships are made and broken. You are new at the school, and it will take time to find your place -- but it won't be by living a lie, nor being led around by others who think they can control what you do. Face the music, my darling girl. Once you do, it will become easier the second time around. And you'll be greatly relieved! Trust me on this, I've been there.