Dear Miss Emily, I need your help. I'm 16. Ok so I've liked this guy for almost 2 years now. Like I mean, I really like him. I like every good and bad thing about him. And well a couple of weeks a ago I found out he likes one of my friends. I got jealous, I heard he kept saying how cute she was. I told my friend about it and she said she'll never date him becuase of the way I fell about him. Anyway I'm kind of unsure now and I think she might want to get with him cause she really wants a boyfriend. Anyway a couple if days ago the guy I like, texted me. We texted for a while and he asked who I liked. I was honest and said I liked him. At first he didnt believe me, but then he did. We kept texting each other and he was being really really nice. He even invited me and my other guy friend to go to him house and play video games. Once there we all played video games. I barely talked because I was so nervous and I didnt want him to think I was annoying. And so after we finished playing my friend went to the bathroom. It was only me and the guy I like. He grabbed my arm and pulled me close to him and put his arm around me. I was so nervous that I think I might of pull myself away from him. We all decided to walk around. Once again I didnt talk much because I didnt know what to say. The guy I like asked me and my friend if we wanted to go to the movies with him and I said yes. Well the next day we didnt talk or text at all. We didnt even go to the movies. I dont understand why he even asked. So I was all unset. And now we barely talk. He doesnt even text me anymore. Today I needed some notes for a class and he told me I had to pay him 5 dollars. I dont understand why he was being so mean. He was always different then all my other guy friends. He was nice to me, but now he's mean and acts like my other guy friends. My friend told me he's just messing with my feelings. I dont know if he is or not. If he is what reason does he have to treat me like this? I get so unset about him. I've tried so hard to get over him but I can't. He's just so different then other guys, or at least he used to be. And even when I was mad at him for making me pay him, I still couldnt hate him. He's caused me so much pain over the years. This isn't the frist time he's been really nice and then suddenly become mean. I dont know why he's like this. Please help, I really dont know what to do. ------------------------------Miss Emily's advice--------------------------- Teenage boys are strange animals and, although you didn't really know how to act around him when you were at his house, if he really cared for you, (and his knowing how you feel about him) he wouldn't have turned cold. I get it, teenagers are always testing the waters, trying to figure out their way in the world, and learning how to behave often is through trial and error. But that's no excuse for charging you $5.00 for class notes, and acting like a stranger to you. I would have told him to drop dead in whatever way yo know how to deliver that line, or at least a "Thanks, but no thanks!" You have, essentially, given him all your power in that he thinks he can behave in any way he wants and get away with it -- unless he's called on it! You were brave in that you told him you like him, and he handled it badly no matter how you slice it. Again, chalk some of this up to odd teenage boy behavior, but don't allow him to break your heart because he's not the guy you want him to be. Not all teenage boys are jerks, but he's shown a jerky side, and I would not internalize it and think you don't measure up. In time, you'll learn that actions are often more important than words, and you will gravitate to those who follow through on their words. Maybe, one day, when he grows up, you can get something going. If sex is what he wants now, well, you aren't the girl to let him get away with it, because you are a quality person. I get a lot of letters from girls who really don't realize the power they have if they use it. That power comes from self-confidence and the ability to get what you want without it costing your integrity. Yes, I know you've liked him for years but, now, perhaps you're seeing a side of him that you didn't see before. And if that's the case, take a hard look at it, and proceed accordingly. The way I see it, it's his turn at bat if he wants to get something going with you, but don't stop living your life waiting for it to happen -- it may not!