Dear Miss Emily: Recently I met a guy at my local pub. He got my number from one of his mates and text me that night. He asked me if i would like to get to know each other a bit more etc. Everyday after that he text me every morning and throughout the days and nights. After some days of texting he mentioned that he wanted to take things slow because he really wanted things to work out for us. He seemed like the sweetest guy, and everybody told me i would be lucky to be with him. We went out a few times and we saw each other almost everyday. Then 2 days ago i text him and he didnt text me back at all, i knew something was up because he always texted me without fail, but at the time i put it down to him being busy at work, but then that night he text me saying this. "Hi, look i want to be honest with you because i dont want to mess you about, but i really dont know what i want. Its not because you have done anything wrong, i just really dont know what to do." At the time i told him there were no hard feelings and he told me that he felt like a dick. I told him not to feel like that and that it was fine, but i would still like to know what he meant by it. Please help me understand what he means when he says this, i really liked him, well i still do like him. Should i accept what he said and move on, or is he saying it because he was scared or something. Please help, i just want to understand why he said it, when up until a day or two before that things were going so well. ----------------------------Miss Emily's advice--------------------------- He's either commitment phobic, or he's "just not that into you" and gave you a line to let both of you off the hook. I think you have to take what he says at face value, and move on. If he wants to rekindle this relationship, he will. But you don't want to put yourself in a position of looking desperate or needy by trying to pursue him after what he's told you. Show him you're a stong person who, essentially, "got along without him before you met him, and you'll get along without him now." Emily