My boyfriend and I recently had a baby and moved in 2 months after the baby was born. Soon after, I found out he had been cheating and the other girl was pregnant. He told me, and she told me, he begged her to have a abortion. Now months later, the baby is here and he goes to visit. He tells me she still wants to be with him even though she knows we live together. Should I stay in this situation and trust my boyfriend, or should I move on?

------------------------------Miss Emily's advice--------------------------

Move on to what? Do you have a place to stay and money to support your child?  And trust -- well, apparently, he isn't trustworthy, or you wouldn't be seeing the back side of him leaving to visit his child with another woman -- a woman he was seeing while you were pregnant with his child. He's like a pollinating bee. Hasn't anyone heard the words birth control!  Sadly, I'm not hopeful this will work out for you and him. I suspect you both are very young, and he seems especially flaky when it comes to the idea of settling down to any one woman. He's muddied the waters, and it's your unfortunate responsibility to monitor his behavior. If you do decide to leave, formulate a plan. You have your whole life ahead of you, and you want to make it the best for you and your child. If this boyfriend of yours proves he's not interested in having a "family," don't torture yourself by staying and hoping for a miracle to happen. Miracles usually happen to other people.