Dear Miss Emily,

My best guy friend who I have known my whole life has just told me he is starting to get feelings for me. I don't know what to do considering I am in a relationship with someone right now. I've only been in the relationship for two months. The beginning of it was good but now he is starting to get mad at me more and more. We fight almost everyday over my past, or when someone brings my past up. He gets mad at me when I just talk to other guys. I told him I'm not one to cheat. I feel like he just doesn't understand me sometimes. That's why I'm so confused right now. My best friend brought up some good points too. We both have known each other better than anyone else, and we know what each other wants. I'm just worried he's confused because he's in a rough spot, right now, and I'm one of the only people there for him. I don't know if I should stay with the guy I'm with, or talk to my best friend. Can you have a relationship with someone you have been best friends with your whole life?

---------------------------Miss Emily's advice----------------------------

Your present boyfriend has no right, I repeat, NO RIGHT to bring up your past. It's not only something you can't change, it's none of his business. He is controlling, and his jealousy is a sign of insecurity, a lack of maturity and an inability to trust. He can't punish you for his interest in you. This is not the foundation for a good, lasting relationship. Lots of red flags waving in my face, and they should be unfurling for you too! Now, your best friend. Being friends with your partner is a necessity, in my book, to make a relationship work. That said, a best friend does not always translate into a great romantic relationship. But I believe that any relationship has a fighting chance if there is a good deal in common, mutual respect, and a willingness to work hard to get it right. I also believe (I've had many letters on this subject) if a "relationship" with a best friend does not end up to be the dream both parties hoped it would be, they can rise above any awkwardness by admitting it was an experiment that didn't pan out -- but the friendship remains because it was the basis for why those two people got together in the first place.