Dear Miss Emily:

I and from the U K and need some advise. I have met this girl on a trip I went on. It was a part of a course we had to do so there were a few of us but we didn't really talk -- but I met her again at this place and we didn't stop talking and she gave me her number and we have kept taxting each other. We met 3 days ago and we took a walk around the park for 2 hours and we were just talking, and she thinks I'm really funny. I like this girl and I'm not sure if she likes me. I went to get a tattoo and she offered to come with me and I said yes, and next day she said "I'm getting a tattoo soon. Can you come with me?" So she likes being with me, but I'm not sure if I should ask her out but I don't want to  spoil our friendship. But if i dont ask, she could meet someone eles so please what should I do?

------------------------------Miss Emily's advice-------------------------

This is the perfect time to ask her out! The friendship isn't too solid where it would be awkward -- meaning you don't really risk anything because if she says "No,"  you say, "Oh, okay. No problem. Let's keep it friendly.Want to get something to eat?" And you go on with your life. Nothing ventured. Nothing gained, lad.