Dear Miss Emily:

So I have been dating this guy for 5 or 6 months.  Neither one of us are clear on the date, which we both find refreshing because too many people focus on that and not on the important things.  I have never met anyone that I have so much in common with  before.  We laugh and we spend every weekend together.  In the beginning, we instantly fooled around but never had sex.  That was about 3 months ago.The fooling around stopped the moment I started to care about him.  I have talked to him about it and he says he just wants to take things slow.  He says he never had a relationship like this before.  He is always touching me but the passionate kisses and rest are no more.  I tell him and he says it's good we communicate.  He has been honest and told me it's easier for him to sleep with strangers...the need to be wanted.  He tells me he misses me (which he finds weird), wants to spend spring break with me, and does little things to surprise me.  I'm confused.  Could he just be feeding me lines?  Are we better off friends?  Am I over-thinking it?  How do I find out for sure?

----------------------------Miss Emily's advice----------------------------

You're confused? He's all over the map! It seems to me he's extremely commitment shy (or some undisclosed reason), because if he has the "need to be wanted" that has you written all over it. I hate to sound like a hack who is using psychology cliches, but you need to set some boundaries so you don't put your heart on the road and watch him drive over it. Communication is great in a relationship, but it can mean less-and-less if it doesn't get you anywhere. See how it progresses, but don't be foolish. Hope is not a plan. If spring break isn't the turnaround, this is probably a wash.