Dear Miss Emily:

I'm confused and don't know what to do?  The story is like this: I have a job, and on this job I'm  teaching people how to learn and play a sport – I'm like a coach.  So I play with important people. This past weeks, one of the clients brought in a girl – she is 2-3 years younger than me, and I began teaching her. So she is very cute.  We even went on some dates together.  I didn't want to make a relationship with her, so we met like friends. Then it became serious, and on one of the dates we kissed, (we didn't have sex). After that, I had some feelings for her. After 2 weeks of seeing her, that person told me that she wants us to stay just best friends, for some reasons. She doesn't want  that I  lose my clients after breaking up with her, and my reputation can be broken.  Because after that girl came to me, I had a lot of important people come to my lessons, and my financial position became better.  But I like a lot that girl, and I don't know what to do, because she is only 20 and I know very well after a break up nobody stays friends... (it's very rare).  Please help me with this situation. Thank you.  P S – sorry for my English. I made my best.
More that a Coach

----------------------------Miss Emily's advice----------------------

Dear More:

This twenty year-old girl sounds rather wise, unless she’s using this “not getting involved” story as an excuse for, now, wanting to keep it as a “friendship only" relationship.  I can’t really understand why you would lose clients if you did get involved with her and later broke up. Her reasoning is what? “If I get hurt in this, I’ll make sure my friends drop you, as well.”  I mean, really, isn’t that what's implied, here?  She’s either a psychic or a bitch!  Yet, I’m sure, neither is true. That said, most people are smart enough to make their own decisions on this sort of thing, and if they want your expertise, they’ll keep coming for it.  So this doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.  Therefore, I’m more inclined to believe she’s clever  enough to use this as an excuse because she doesn’t want to get romantically involved.  Don’t pursue it other than a friendship. Remember, that
was your original intent!  Be the perfect gentleman, and who knows what may happen in a few months. Keep your eye on the ball – your job, I mean, and concentrate on being “the man to see when you want the best!”  Your future depends on you being the consummate professional.  You’ll know when the timing is right to get involved with someone.  Right now, it seems like it’s neither the time nor with this girl.