Dear Miss Emily:

So I've liked this guy since last year. we were in the same creative writing class and i was the only person he'd really talk to. we would grade our papers in crayons (: so at the end of the year i asked him for his number and he gave it to me even tho he had a girlfriend at the time. they broke up and we started talking A LOT over winter break. he wrote me a poem, and invited me to hang out. i told him i liked him and he said he liked me too. but as soon as school started back up again he hasn't tried to talk to me. he will talk to me at school, but he never texts me back or answers my calls. so i wrote him a letter asking him what happened and to please respond in some way. that was a week ago and he hasn't answered. i just don't know what his problem is. any ideas?

----------------------Miss Emily's advice-----------------

 This is how cowards handle things. Maybe he's entertaining the idea of getting back with his ex and thinks by ignoring you you'll just fade into the woodwork without causing him any trouble. I'd be dumbfounded by his behavior if it weren't so common -- especially at your age. Some people are late in learning about respect and some never do. I hope he does but, in the meantime, I think you have his number and it turns out to be a big ZERO. But I admire you, because you were brave enough to get his number, let him know how you felt about him and had the courage to ask "What happened?" when he dropped the ball.