Dear Miss Emily:

 Hi.  I came out of a relationship about 2 years ago, but I still see my ex. We broke up because he cheated on me with his ex, but we still remained friends and started sleeping with each other, again.  I got pregnant, but I miscarried..  He didn't really care even though he says he did.  I still see him but I want to know whether he’s using me.  Why do I  feel so hurt about his new girlfriends, and why do I still love him?  I need help and advice.
Used and Abused

---------------------------Miss Emily’s advice-------------------------

Dear Used:

Is he using you?  Well, if he is it’s because you are an easy mark.  Wow, what a life – for him, anyway.  Multiple girlfriends, sex on demand.  Hear this:  Women who treat themselves like toilets, are bound to be dumped on.  He’s a jerk and you’re a fool.  What else can I say?  But as foolish as you are, start on the birth control pill or use SOME protection!  You got lucky with the miscarriage unless, of course, you meant to try and trap him.  That’s a typical road for women
who have no respect for themselves and think that only a man can make them whole.  You have the option of waking up and changing this pattern, or plan on getting knocked-up again, by him or some other creep and living a life that’s not your own.  That sounds like a waste of a precious life, to me, but it’s your call.  Here’s a thought: Print this letter and put it where you can look at it twenty years from now.  When you read it in year 2027, you’ll either laugh – or cry.