So i've been dating (not going out with officially yet) this guy for about a month. We both like each other and all we've done is made out. I LOVE his personality when we hang out, but over text i only like it sometimes. We hang out EVERY WEEKEND. And two days ago we went too the movies, we only made out. which is good. But then he left without even saying bye! I blew it off and he didn't text me that night or anything. The next morning he wasn't texting me, so i texted him around 1 and he texted back about thirty minutes later and had just woken up. We texted for a while but he was being short with me, so i asked what was wrong and he said nothing, i said all right and he never texted back... So i texted him again at around 8 because we hadn't talked all day, and he didn't reply. I got my friend too text him off a number he didn't have and he replied? Does he like me still? Is he just trying too make me like him more? Is he doing this on purpose? Please help!

--------------------------------------Miss Emily's advice------------------------------

I don't think a guy would behave this way to make you like him more. That would seem counter-productive. And even if that were the case (which I doubt), I wouldn't want him based on the stupidity of that kind of ploy. To leave you at the theater isn't a good sign. Actually, it's a sign he's an inconsiderate jerk -despite his winning personality. Some teenage boys have a way of thinking the sun rises and sets on their butts -- and manners are something only nerds embrace. Wrong! In fairness, however, some guys don't like to text as often as girls and they can become easily annoyed by it. They seem to communicate better in physical ways. I would back off, and don't let this deflate your ego. It's he who has a sensitivity chip missing. If he wonders why you are MIA, tell him!  If he were to take offense, so what? That would really solidify he's a jerk, and someone not worthy of your time. Ultimately, he doesn't or shouldn't have any power over you. Command respect! Hold your head high, and don't look needy. No guy is worth demeaning yourself. And beside that, he will get the message that you can get along without him, thank you very much.