Dear Miss Emily:

I am 47 year old female. About 7 months ago I started dating a 47 year old divorced man.  Things were really nice in the beginning but he was a non talker;  Meaning he never asked questions and he always avoided questions. One time I asked him what he liked sexually and his reply was Tuna Sandwiches.  While I found this funny, i also never got a normal reply.  Around Christmas, he pulled back, he didn't have time to see me. I was very confused, I had even bought him a gift for the holidays.  I returned it when I realized that he had not bought me anything.  We saw each other up until about 2 weeks ago.  I had asked him if he wanted to go for drinks and he told me he was very busy.  I then started to question his as to what was going on with this relationship and his reply was I am entitled to do whatever I want to do and I want to come and go as I please.  I have never questioned him as to what he did when we weren't seeing each other.  The relationship just didn't seem to progress normally.  I know he didn't have a good marriage and his ex wife asked him to leave after 18 years. He has 2 teenage kids and he seems to be a good father.  Is he now afraid of committments? Has he been broken by his ex wife? I thought that was a pretty hurtful statement and i do have feelings for him.  I havn't heard from him in 5 days and i want to reach out to him but im afraid that he is DONE....What do I do?

-------------------------Miss Emily's advice------------------------

The type of guy you described is someone who carries too much baggage, has a hostile, bitter side, and the chances of being happy with this guy is slim to none. Be glad he's backing off. If you got too close to him, eventually he would make you pay for his inadequacies, because he is incapable of being honest about himself. And if you were to tap into what he stuffs, you would suddenly become the reason he has the problem. I know this type of man, he's passive-aggressive and he's not a great lover of women. Sure, he came off okay at the beginning, he's not Dracula -- but if you were to be with him for a longer period of time, he'd suck your emotional blood. His wife asked him to leave for a reason, so don't blame her for "breaking him." Even if he does get in touch with you, my advice would be to end it. Find a man who likes woman. I'd make a hefty wager he had, or still has "Mommy" issues.