My ex and
I were flirty friends for 2 months then dated over the summer for 2 months. We were very close and my family loved him. We drifted apart when school started back and we mutually called it quits. We've recently became friends for like a month or so. Well he got his car fixed and wanted me to come see it last night. So I did and he drove to a department store, and when we were leaving the parking lot to go back to his house, I asked him where we were going and he didn't answer then kissed me super hard and we made out then parked and had sex. I was so into it b/c I missed him, but now that I look back, I'm regretful b/c now he might view me as a hookup and not get back together with me. When he dropped me off at my house he kissed me and i was like "I still love you." And he said the same thing. I'm really confused. I feel as though I've made a mistake with someone I really love and wanted to get back together with. What should I do? How do I know if he wants to get back together or not? He's really busy with work and does'nt have time for a lot, so I'm thinking he might not have time for a gf. I'm confused, help? I mean ever since we've been back together as friends all I can think about is what we used to have. I mean, I felt horrible after we broke up, b/c I felt as though I'd lost a best friend, too. Only now though I feel like he only thinks of me as a friend w/ benefits since that night. Am I right or wrong? I've never liked anyone like him and I don't wanna lose him, but I feel as though I already have since that night b/c he might just think of me as a hook up. I know I'm rambling, but can you help?

------------------------------Miss Emily's advice------------------------

I think you're chastising yourself a little too much for what happened. This is an equal opportunity relationship, and you shouldn't think of yourself as a girl who was wrong to enjoy some carnal pleasure with someone you like as much as him. And hopefully he doesn't live with a Victorian-age mentality. Maybe its true not much has changed in where you two are in this relationship if time prohibits a girlfriend/boyfriend commitment -- but you can't know for sure. The only thing you can do is to take it a step at a time to see if something can be rekindled. If he regrets thinking he led you on, you'll probably not hear from him too soon after this event. But if he wants to revisit what you once had, he'll let you know. If he's not willing to commit to anything more than friends with benefits, only you can decide if that's acceptable to you. But from what you have said, it doesn't seem a good fit for you. I know, love stinks sometimes.