Dear Miss Emily,

I broke up with my boyfriend of two years and two months because I thought I didn't feel the same way anymore. Surprisingly, I got over the breakup fairly quick. THREE DAYS. That might've been too fast, but I was happy. Excited to explore the dating world. (I'm 17 and my bf is 19). Well, that lasted a week. I saw my ex at a party our mutual friend had. We talked for an hour. I came in the conversation with a mind strong of "You are not going back to him!" but in the end, we got back together. The reason was that I guess I wanted to give it another chance, see if it'll work out or not this time - after we heard what each other had to say. Deep in my heart though, I knew I should have said No. I was screaming, No.Why did I do it? Now I feel stuck. Should I break up with him, again?

------------------------------Miss Emily's advice----------------------

I think you did it because you are used to a pattern, a comfort zone, and a genuine caring for each other. But if you wanted to say "No," and didn't, now is the time to do it. Your relationship (after two years and two months) wasn't working, and one evening at a party and a resolution to change was not a formula for success.You know how you truly feel, and it was a relief when you felt a sense of freedom and could explore the world without him. It's not easy. You're good people. But if that were enough, most of us would still be popping corn in the evening with our first love. Tell him how you feel, and don't blame yourself for having second thoughts. It's human nature.