Dear Miss Emily:

Ok! Well i met this guy thru friends a while back and we grew close and i mean we become best friends,, and i ended up fallin' in love with him. And i kept it to myself for a while. Then he got put in jail and we've been writing and stuff..He starting to tell me he loves me and asking me how i feel about "us" and i mean i love him and wanna be with him but i dont wanna get hurt and right now idk what to do bc i don't wanna lose a best friend or something that could be so great plzz help! Thanx!

----------------------------Miss Emily's advice---------------------------

 Right out the gate, I'm wondering, "Why is he in jail? That would certainly be a time when I'd reach out to a friend, especially you! A great "in love" relationship does require a solid friendship, but that doesn't mean that friendship equals out to be a great "in love" relationship. Put it this way: I have a male friend who is a great friend. He's a good listener, and we have much in common. But although we have a friendship, if I were to live with him under the same roof, I'd kill him! Get my point?  I'd wait before I jumped into anything too heavy. I'd find out, in time, who he really is, what makes him do the things he does, and see if it all fits into the way I want to conduct my life. Only then would I be ready to make a commitment. My advice? Tread carefully -- very carefully.