Ok, Here goes. There is an attractive girl. We have really been talking recently and getting to know each other really well, recently. I know she likes me. She thinks I'm nice, she even told me she thinks I'm cute. Today, we were talking and she told me that she has had two dreams about me, curious, I asked for more information. She said it was about us being close and together. She has been going through a rough time lately; she has recently gotten out of a relationship that she jumped into too soon. She told me that all of her relationships have ended badly. I took the dream thing to be a lead on, but my assumptions were wrong. She just kind of naturally flirts. After perusing it, she said that she just wanted to be friends for a while. I want her, but I don't want to rush her. Also, we've been talking about it. She told me to do what I feel is right. I have a few options that I think fit. 1-Leave her, stop talking to her, and try to completely forget about her; therefore eliminating my chances with her and going into a state of depression for a while. 2-Continue talking and getting to know her better and hope she feels ready a little later. If not, I'll be even more heart broken. 3-Continue talking a bit. It's much harder to forget (going into depression for much longer), but I retain a slim chance with her. The other side to this is that if I had someone else to turn to, I would. But I don't, so it's really hard to look at this with the "fish in the sea" analogy. She is very special to me.

----------------------Miss Emily's advice------------------

All right, without being a whiny baby, I think it's time for you to see this from a broader perspective. You know about life. There are no guarantees, but you don't throw in the towel at this stage unless you're a silly sod who cries at card tricks. Man-up! Go out on the limb! You take the chance because it's worth it whether you win or not. She's obviously interested in you, and despite her protestations (she's trying to protect herself from hurt, as well), if you give it some time -- show her you're the great guy you are without making her feel as if you're waiting for her to tell you to exhale -- something good could come of this adventure. Most women love a good listener, someone with a good sense of humor, and maturity. That will be your calling card, if you're up to the task. She would be foolish to pass up an opportunity with you, but if it happens, okay. I know the "fish and the sea" analogy isn't your cup-of-tea, but if you reject that maxim you'd be playing a fool's game.