Dear Miss Emily:

Me and this boy have really liked each other for a month, and finally I told him I liked him and he admitted he liked me. Just a few days ago, we started dating but things are not the same. When we were friends we used to be able to talk about anything and, now, I feel weird talking to him. I feel awkward being dropped off at places to meet him outside of school. I feel awkward just thinking about him sometimes! I get this feeling in the pit of my stomach... Is this awkward feeling going to go away, and why do I have it?

------------------------Miss Emily's advice-----------------------

I know exactly how you feel! Once the rules change -- from friendship to romance (and I don't know your age and, therefore, the degree of "romance") it can be awkward. I do believe, however, that some of the best relationships start off as friends, because if you start off with romance before friendship, sometimes you can lose sight of the need to be friends in the relationship. Give it a little more time, but if the freeze doesn't thaw, soon, tell him and see what you can work out. That alone might help ease your awkwardness -- an open discussion about it. But don't let it drag on too long feeling the way you do, because it might make it hard to go back to a friendship.