Dear Miss Emily:

I have been dating this guy for about 2 months now.  We have not had a physical relationship yet.  He is the sweetest, nicest, man I have dated. He treats me like a queen. I know I would have a good life with him. One huge problem: I am not physically attracted to all.  Will this come in time, or is it time to say something and move on?

--------------------------------------------Miss Emily's advice-------------------------------------

Ordinarily you'd want to be attracted to a person with whom you, eventually, become intimate. Why has there been no attempt at a physical relationship? Has he not made an overture? Not even an attempt at a kiss? If not, he must be a shy guy and, maybe, a tad insecure. Sometimes the "nice guys" come off a bit dull, and a spark is hard to ignite. If that's the case, he may be expecting you to light the flame. And it that's true, you pretty much know what the future would hold if you were to hang in there. I've met men who weren't the greatest looking by any stretch, but were funny, witty and, basically, had great personalities. And to me that superseded looks and I became attracted to them. That said, after two months and you can't see yourself going beyond what you have -- you'd rather see a rerun of Friends than get close to him then, yes, I'd let him down easy and tell him you've met someone else before you get his hopes up that you are the one.