Hello Emily:
Well i have been dating this guy for seven months and i really like him..During this relationship i was in California for about 6 months of it. When i was away, i found out some things about him that made me really unhappy. Like him sending naked pictures and getting them. He lied to me about it at first and then i finally got him to admit it. Well then i find out he called another girl beautiful and then yet another sexy. I was very upset and hurt by this. Then my friend tells me he asked another girl to prom.. so i asked him and he said yes he did because he wouldn't go to prom with a 10th grader. At this point i was beyond mad so i broke up with him. I sent him a message saying that i didn't deserve to be treated like i was nothing. Now he wont speak to me, but i really like him -- A LOT. I was just wondering if i made the right choice to break up with him when i like him so much, and he is constantly on my mind. Did i overly-react? Or
too fast?

---------------------------Miss Emily's advice----------------------

No, you didn't overreact. I absolutely think you did the right thing. If he really cared for you, asking you to prom would be a given. His behavior is horrid, and you were right to not accept it. Guys control girls when girls let them. Don't let this happen, or you are bound for more disappointment in the future. Trust me on this one.