Hi Emily,

I met this guy on a matrimonial site. I expressed interest and he accepted. We added each other on chat. We hardly spoke twice -- which was nice and sweet. The Problem is he hardly comes online. I try to make it a point to be online so I can have a chat with him.but, at times, he doesn't even turn up. Today, I tried coming online at the time he usually comes on. He saw me online and ran offline. If he's not interested in me, why doesn't he just block me? Does it look like I'm stalking him? I don't know what to do. Please help me. I really like this guy.

------------------------------Miss Emily's advice------------------------

This is a situation where maybe you can't understand why he responded in a certain way, but will have to accept the way he chose to respond, by not responding -- and signing off. I wouldn't pursue it. Don't blame yourself, or feel as if you are being rejected because you didn't measure up. You don't really know this guy, and he may be an odd person, deep down -- or someone else came along.  Better now than somewhere down the line.