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Sun, January 24, 2010 12:00:44 AM
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Dear Miss Emily:

So i really need your help about my boyfriend of over a year. he broke up with me just before Christmas and told me he didn't love me anymore and it wasn't anything i did it's just how he felt. But then we got back together on my birthday when he told me he'd made a big mistake and everything was good again. But now he's been spending loads of time with his friends and other girls (which I'm cool with) except he hasn't spend any with me and it seems like he has more fun with them and HAS to spend time with me. When I asked him about this he says that's cause i know you're still always gonna be there. Also( i know this might sound stupid) on Facebook after we got back together, he didn't change his status back to "in a relationship" saying it was such an effort..until he finally did it when we were on the computer. But it really bothered me that he wouldn't wanna change it back especially when he's talking to all his friends who are girls.

------------------------------------------Miss Emily's advice----------------------------------

This doesn't seem like a relationship that's anything to brag about -- that's for sure. Telling you, when he doesn't spend time with you, it's because he knows you're always going to be there, sounds like something a guy would say to his mom or sis. Don't expect more unless you ask for it, and if you ask for it, and you don't get it, I think that's all you need to know. He's not really invested in this relationship -- not the way you have portrayed it, anyway. It appears to me that if the "right" girl came along you'd be history. Sorry, it's only my opinion, but I think you already know this could be true.