Hello Emily!
 Ive been with my boyfriend for 2 years already but things just not the same anymore. I don't feel as happy, he doesn't say or do the things he use to do. Today we talked about it and he was telling how he's not happy with me but he doesnt want to break up with me because he doesnt know if he's gonna be happier without me or not. He want to be able to feel like how when he just met me, is that even posible? Can you please tell me how can I make this relationship work for us? How can I make him happy? Or should I end this relationship? But honestly -- I still want to be with him and I still love him.

------------------------Miss Emily's advice------------------

Relationships can get stale, and sometimes it happens to a point where there's no turning back. And if there is an attempt to rekindle what there was in the past, both parties have to be fully invested in the endeavor. I usually suggest a separation period. This distance allows each individual to assess the relationship. Now, this can be a good thing, but beware of the pitfall. Often, because the separation is lonely, the couple gets back together with only a brief honeymoon and nothing really solved. This relationship may have run its course, but you won't know until you are willing to admit what needs work and make an effort to fix it. Your boyfriend's comment about whether he doesn't know if he will be happier with or without you is pathetic. A good relationship grow in its love. It may not be the butterflies that you get when you first start out together, but it's a feeling of warmth and belonging that only happy couples can identify.