Dear Miss Emily:
My boyfriend has been acting weird lately. He goes places and doesn't invite me out with him but he thinks I don't know it. I thought it was because his mother moved in with him but now I'm not sure. I didn't hear from him all day on Monday and he texted  me to ask me if I was watching 24. I called him immediately afterward and he didn't answer. I also sent him a text to no reply. He called back two hours later when he was going to bed. I thought this was weird, as I know he was watching a show so he didn't answer the phone. I let it slide. I spent the night on Tuesday, and left Wednesday morning. I once again did not hear from him all day. I finally called around seven. He answered the phone and said he was on the phone with his cousin and would call me back. I  heard background noise so I knew he was out somewhere. He then called back almost three hours later and I refused to answer the phone because I was pissed. Why the hell did it take so long to call me back? One hour later he sent me an instant message that I checked but didn't respond to after checking. I forgot that it lets the other person know whether you read it or not so he knows I read it. What do I do. When do I call him back? What do I say when I call?

-------------------------------Miss Emily's advice----------------------------

This is the kind of behavior can sink a relationship pretty fast. Lack of communication is the problem, bad feelings fester, and the real issue gets lost in the madness. There could be many reasons for his acting this way. His mother moving in might make him feel somewhat restricted, or he really is finding he wants more freedom from the relationship and he's going after it. Right now, you need to have an honest talk with him. Don't scream, don't let your emotions fly off the handle, just look him in the eyes and say, "You know, we have meant a lot to each other and I think we both deserve honesty. If you've changed your feelings about me, I need to know. It will hurt, but worse than that would be to make a fool of me by leaving me in the dark, and forcing me to make a decision you might have already made."  All these feelings may be coming from a seed of insecurity but you need to know the truth. Passive-aggressive behavior doesn't work, and that's what you did by not responding to his I M. I'm not blaming you for this, it's oh so tempting. But, again, it just adds fuel to the fire.